Monday, 28 September 2015

Small Beginnings ...

Some of the first miniatures i came across when looking into 15mm Sci Fi were the excellent SHM Sci Fi range from, these miniatures are a fantastic assortment of rogues, aliens & monsters which really peaked my interest in the 15mm world in the first place.

The one character i had to purchase & paint first was SHM22 "The Controller" who appealed to my love of The Mekon from classic British Sci Fi comic "Dan Dare" which i enjoyed as a child.

I was really proud that my first completed 15mm miniature was featured HERE on's own blog in a piece showcasing the character that had pulled me in to the smaller side of the hobby alongside some other great painted examples.

I have since purchased a lot more of the SHM range & am really looking forward to getting them painted up & putting them through their paces in my own space adventures !


  1. These photos are a definitely better than the ones on's blog. I'll admit I preferred Ralph Plowman's pink version when I saw it there, but yours is really good - a true "LGM".

  2. Thanks Allison, your blog is inspirational for 15mm painting so I appreciate the kudos !!
    The lighting was wrong in the earlier pics I took so tried to improve it for these which I think worked.