Saturday, 26 September 2015

Starting Out ...

Hello & welcome to my new Blog !

Starting up a blog is an idea i have been toying with for a while now, but gathering the courage & motivation to actually start is something that has always held me back ... until recently.

Having been a 28mm modeller, painter & collector since the mid 80's, over the past few years i had entered a hobby slump with none of the main systems grabbing my interest until i discovered the world of 15mm.

The world of 15mm cured my hobby slump & has reignited my passion for modelling & painting & even gaming (which i have not engaged in for a long time), hopefully in this blog inspired by others in the 15mm community i can share my ideas & projects with like minded folk who enjoy all that 15mm has to offer.

Any comments or advice on how to develop my fledgling blog or on content i post are greatly welcomed & i look forward to sharing more of my projects soon.

Thanks for looking.


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