Monday, 28 September 2015

Terraforming ...

I am not the speediest painter so when i do paint i tend to focus on a few things at once to keep my motivation up. Terrain is a great thing to do this with as not only does it provide usable kit to game with but also provides a break from painting fine details.

A project i started recently alongside my 15mm models is some small scatter pieces using a bunch of plastic GW trees that came extra in a larger eBay auction.

 I started out with a sack of Citadel Jungle trees, not amazing in their standard form but worth a look for the wider projects they can be applied to.

I glued some small clumps to some old 28mm bases i had lying around & used clean cat litter to cover the slot where a model is usually fixed. 

I then used PVA glue to texture the remainder of the base with fine sand to match the bases of my other models.

I have six of these smaller pieces made up & in the process of basing, i have plenty more of the plastic trees so if these turn out well may attempt some larger clusters at a later date.

I always enjoy reusing things for other projects so my scrap part & old base trees should provide some useful small cover when finished at minimal expense.

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